Digital Photography / Adobe Lightroom Sign Up

It’s the last week to sign up for Digital Photography / Adobe Lightroom!  Learn how to take better photos and organize them easily, weeding out the exceptional from the mediocre in minutes.  Find out how to enhance the image quality of your photos and share them with your friends and family more effectively.

Sign up online for Digital Photography/Lightroom

Sign up for Digital Photograph/Lightroom11/9/15 – 1/29/16

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8 – 10 AM

This digital imaging class is designed to help you learn how to purchase and operate a digital camera, take better pictures, transfer the pictures to your computer, burn a CD, and edit the pictures using Adobe Lightroom CC. Discover the various ways to display your photos. Camera is recommended.

For more information, please call the Main Office at
(562) 926-6734 or visit ABC Adult School at

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