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Steps for using Paypal in your site

  1. Make sure you have already created a WordPress account, a Google account and a Paypal account.

  2. Create a Product Page in your WordPress site, and click on the Add Media button to add a picture of the product.  Choose thumbnail size.

  3. Meanwhile, in a separate browser window log in to your google account and create a web page through the Google Sites Ap.  This is found by clicking the Google Apps icon at the top and selecting > More > Even More.

  4. In another browser window go to and log in

  5. Select Merchant Services Tab and click on the button labeled “Create Payment Buttons for your Website”

  6. Click Create Button and use the form to create the Paypal button of your choice and click Create Button at the bottom.

  7. Copy the code for the Paypal button

  8. Click on your Google Site page and click on the Edit Page Pencil icon

  9. Choose Insert > Image to insert the same picture you used in the WordPress site.  Click on the “small’ button so that it is a thumbnail.

  10. Click the HTML button at the top

  11. Paste the code you copied from the Paypal site

  12. Close the HTML window

  13. Click Save button at the top of the page to see your the image with the Paypal button

  14. Click in the URL field at the top of the page and copy the url of your google site page.

  15. Click on your WordPress site page and create text that says Click to Purchase.

  16. Highlight the Click to Purchase text, and click the link button at the top.

  17. Paste the URL to create a link to your Paypal check out page.

  18. Update your WordPress page to confirm the changes.


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